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Lead Artist

“I could feel her moonbeam spotlight on me - asking; who could this free bird be? This drunken rocket? This breathtaking acrobat hurtling above the clouds. Who is this upstart shooting star in my own ancient sky?”


Bold, beautiful, physical, and unashamedly camp, Icarus is a soaring celebration of queer exceptionalism, presenting a fantastical new take on the classic in which Icarus falls in love with the moon. 


Created and performed by a multi-disciplinary LGBTQIA+ company, Icarus combines physical theatre, bold visuals and lyrical new writing to deliver a joyous celebration of uncodeable queer relationships, in order to explore how we find true love and acceptance in community.


The story follows a modern-day Icarus as they escape their oppressive home life by taking flight one evening over the neon-lit city, before soaring up among the stars to meet the object of their love. Despite their inevitable seduction by the rising sun, and subsequent fall, Icarus is eventually raised from the sea by the moon’s great tidal pull, and given freedom of the sky. The play celebrates the power of love in community, while exploring personal transformation, identity, and the complexity of what true liberation means.

The play was first workshopped at Battersea Arts Centre in November 2022, with dramaturgy by director Nazli Tabatabai Khatambakhsh (ZENDEH) movement direction by Peter Groom (Natural Duty, Go Away Johnny)  & sound design by Xana (Fairview, Strange Fruit, Burgerz.)


The R&D cast was Sam Crerar (Happy Meal, Living Newspaper) Annie Dearnley (Surface Area Dance Theatre) and Serena Manteghi (Salty Irina, Build A Rocket.)

Photographs copyright Hector Manchego

R&D Creatives 

Ensemble Sam Crerar

Ensemble Annie Dearnley

Ensemble Serena Manteghi

Dramaturg Nazli Tabatabai Khatambakhsh

Movement Director Peter Groom

Sound Designer & Composer Xana

Photography & Filming Hector Manchego

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With thanks to Ash Williams & Ella Gamble

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